Stephen I. Pogany Bio

Stephen Pogany is Professor Emeritus, University of Warwick, United Kingdom and is part of the Visiting Faculty at the Central European University, Budapest where he teaches a postgraduate course on: “Minority Rights, Migrants and the Cosmopolitan Challenge”. Stephen Pogany has written extensively about the Roma of the CEE region, constitutional transition in post-Communist societies, minority rights, anti-Semitism and issues concerning historical memory. He is a regular contributor to Social Europe, where his articles can be found at: His books include: The Roma Cafe: Human Rights and the Plight of the Romani People (Pluto, 2004) and Righting Wrongs in Eastern Europe (Manchester University Press, 1997).

Stephen Pogany is currently completing a book about his mother’s family, Living in Modern Times: A Family Memoir. He is also working on a book about Transylvania.