Stephen Pogany Bio

I am a writer, lecturer and political commentator based in Budapest, Hungary. I am Professor Emeritus in the School of Law, University of Warwick and was part of the Visiting Faculty at the Central European University for ten years, teaching courses in human and minority rights. I have written extensively about the Roma of the CEE region, constitutional transition in post-Communist societies, minority rights, anti-Semitism and historical memory. I am regular contributor to various publications, including Social Europe, the Globe Post and the Conversation. My articles for Social Europe can be found at: My books include: The Roma Cafe: Human Rights and the Plight of the Romani People (Pluto, 2004), Righting Wrongs in Eastern Europe (Manchester University Press, 1997) and, as editor, Human Rights in Eastern Europe (Edward Elgar, 1995).

Three forthcoming book chapters of mine are available at <;. Of these, the one that has attracted the most viewings is: “Multiculturalism and Propaganda: Depictions of Romanians and Jews in the Fiction of Albert Wass”. My latest book, Living in Modern Times: The Biography of a Hungarian-Jewish Family, will be published in spring 2021.