Recent and Forthcoming Publications


Recent and Forthcoming Books

Modern Times: The Biography of a Hungarian-Jewish Family (Brandram, 2021)
Albert Wass and the Reinvention of Collective Memory (2023, forthcoming)

Chapters in Edited Books

Three recent chapters of mine that have been published in edited books can be found at <;. Of these, the one that has attracted the most viewings is: “Multiculturalism and Propaganda: Depictions of Romanians and Jews in the Fiction of Albert Wass”. 

Shorter Articles

“Time to confront Europe’s rogue state – Hungary”, Social Europe, 28 November 2022, at:

“Liberal Drippings of Pork Fat”, JewTh!nk, 19 May 2022, at:

“Fidesz and Orbán triumph in Hungary’s skewed elections”, Social Europe, 8 April 2022, at:

“Orbán, Putin and prospects for democracy in Hungary”, Social Europe, 29 March 2022, at:

“Is Hungary returning to Europe?”, Social Europe, 29 October 2021, at:

“Hungary’s Covid Wars”, Social Europe, 17 March 2021, at:

“The Coronavirus and the Quarantining of Hungarian Democracy”, Social Europe, 1 April 2020, at:

“Europe and the Tragedy of Israel/Palestine”, Social Europe, 3 January 2020, at:

“Budapest’s New Mayor and the Redemocratisation of Hungary”, Social Europe, 31 October 2019, at:

“CEU and Hungary’s War Against the Enlightenment”, Social Europe, 15 November 2018, at:

“Englishmen, Zionists and the Elusive Quality of Irony”, The Globe Post, 19 September 2018, at:

“Israel, Palestine and Europe’s Selective Historical Amnesia”, Social Europe, 30 May 2018, at:

“Hungary’s Lost Democracy”, Social Europe, 30 May 2018, at:  13,April 2018, at:

“Hungary’s Enfeebled Democracy”,  Social Europe, 15 February 2018, at:

“Europe’s illiberal states: why Hungary and Poland are Turning Away from Constitutional Democracy”,  The Independent, 9 January 2018,

“Europe’s illiberal states: why Hungary and Poland are Turning Away from Constitutional Democracy”,  The Conversation, 4 January 2018, at:

“Enhancing Diversity in Europe”, Social Europe, 15 December 2017, at:

“Boris Johnson’s Split Allegiances”, Social Europe

“Orban, Orwell and Soros”, Social Europe, 17 July 2017, at:

“Hungary’s Central European University Under Threat”, Social Europe, 10 April 2007,

“Hungary’s Central European University Under Threat”, Social Europe, 18 January 2017, 

“Of Folk Devils and Moral Panic: Hungary’s Referendum on Mandatory EU Migrant Quotas”, Social Europe, 20 September 2016, 

“Where Left Meets Right: Anti-Semitism In Europe”,Social Europe, 1 August 2016, at:

“Budleigh Salterton: Brexit And The Quest For A Mythic England”, Social Europe, 28 June 2016, at:

“A Tale Of Two Europes: East And West”, Social Europe,  :

“Defending Multiculturalism After The Paris Attacks”, Social Europe,  

“Viktor Orbán, Refugees And The Threat To Europe”, Social Europe